Second Passport
– a leading company in the market of immigration services
Citizenship, residence permit, work, education and other services in 70 countries all over the world

Founded in 2011

The number of immigrants from Russia, Ukraine and other russian-speaking countries is annually increasing. By 2023, the immigration market is expected to grow by $47 billion*

Second Passport is the largest provider of immigration-related services in the post-soviet market

*According to the Global Immigration Services Market - Procurement Intelligence Report of the SpendEdge analytical agency, London, UK

98% percent of our clients speak Russian as a first or second language. Hence why Second Passport brand's identity is being constructed in the Russian language and all our services and ads are russian-speaking world oriented.

Our logo in Russian:




Main services of Our Company




Second citizenship.
Visa services


Political asylum


Social adaptation


Education abroad


Treatment and childbirth abroad


Real Estate


Job-offers abroad




Business marketing consulting services:

Business marketing consulting services provide expert guidance and strategic insights to help businesses optimize their marketing efforts. These services encompass a range of activities, including market research, strategic planning, brand development, and digital marketing. Marketing consultants work closely with businesses to identify target markets, refine brand messaging, and implement effective campaigns. By leveraging their industry expertise, consultants assist in enhancing brand visibility, attracting and retaining customers, and ultimately driving business growth. Whether businesses are seeking to enter new markets, improve their online presence, or refine existing marketing strategies, marketing consulting services offer tailored solutions to meet specific objectives and achieve sustainable success.

Business relocation consulting

Business relocation consulting services specialize in guiding organizations through the process of moving their operations to a new location. These consultants offer expertise in strategic planning, site selection, logistics, and regulatory compliance to ensure a smooth transition. Whether a company is expanding, downsizing, or seeking a more favorable business environment, relocation consultants assist in minimizing disruptions, managing costs, and optimizing the overall efficiency of the move. From evaluating potential locations to coordinating the logistics of physical relocation, these services help businesses make informed decisions and execute successful transitions while considering factors such as infrastructure, workforce availability, and regulatory requirements.

Second Passport in numbers

5000 clients over 9 years of work

350 top immigration lawyers

1500 service partners

An official partnership with the largest immigration community on the Internet, the russian-speaking «Пора валить» with 150,000 members

The history of the company began in 2011 in the city of New York, USA

The founder and CEO of the company, Yury Mosha was forced to immigrate to the United States from Russia. Based on his own experience, Yury Mosha created the «Russian America» company ​​in order to help businessmen, who were forced to leave Russia *. After 6 years, «Russian America» was transformed into the company «Second Passport», nowadays offering immigration programs around the globe. The central office and main training center of the company is located in New York City, USA

*full story of Yury Mosha in Forbes

An important part of the company's reputation is the personal brand of Yury Mosha, founder and president of the company

Yury is a well-known expert on immigration and business issues in the russian-language media space

Yury's YouTube Channels Have
Over 50,000 Subscribers:

Yury`s Instagram has
60,000 subscribers

Yury is also a blogger and expert in a number of major media: Forbes, Echo of Moscow, Snob


Today, the Second Passport company has more than 30 offices located in the United States, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

Company Mission

We believe that legal formalities should not become an obstacle to obtaining a first-class education and well-paid job, developing a business and achieving the most daring goals

We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to choose comfortable living conditions for themselves and their families

The mission of the Second Passport company is to help all clients, regardless of their citizenship and place of residence, to overcome the borders on the way to achieving their goals, while guaranteeing professionalism that no other company can provide

Brand recognition

Logo of the Second Passport is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world

Officially registered object of intellectual property of the company Second Passport*

*United States Patent and Trademark Office Certificate, see slide 24

People of all modern countries associate this symbol with traveling, business trips and moving abroad. It is placed on the passports of more than 150 states


«Второй Паспорт» maintains first position in both Google and search results

Advertising campaigns on federal and local television, on radio and in leading printed media helps us strengthen the company's media image and expand our target audience


Our web-site appears first in Russian-language Google search for amore than 80 immigration-related key requests, such as:

The Second Passport Company is the creator of the largest Russian-language immigration-related information resource, which has more than
3000 publications is visited by over
1300 unique users daily

Every day, our resources are replenished with new articles on the legal and practical aspects of immigration. Our experts are constantly monitoring changes in legislation and are quickly updating all of the information on the web



makes it possible to obtain a US residence permit through investment, which in the future will allow the investor and their family members to become citizens of the United States

Terms of participation in the program:

  • The minimum investment is $900 000
  • Investment should be made in a new business in the United States
  • Return on the investment from 0.5 to 2% per annum

Second Passport is an exclusive partner of the United Land, official regional center for the Eb-5 program of the US Citizenship and Migration Service


allows foreign workers from completely different fields and with different skill levels to obtain a residence permit in the United States. This program is suitable even for low-skilled workers and workers without work experience

Eb-3 entitles you to:

  • Have a permanent residence in the USA
  • Work in the USA
  • Obtain a green card for a spouse and minor children
Second Passport has a unique, constantly updated database of GUARANTEED JOB OFFERS under the program and provides its full legal support

In addition to the legal expertise in the immigration process, Second Passport offers a unique social adaptation service in any of the 70 available countries

What is included in the social adaptation package?


Meeting clients at the airport


Opening a bank account


Health insurance assistance


Real Estate assistance


Employment assistance


Providing information on social benefits for immigrants


Consultation with a Russian-speaking lawyer


Assistance in obtaining an identity card (ID)


Assistance in obtaining a driver's license


Recommendations for choosing a kindergarten and school


Selection of free language courses


Assistance in other aspects of immigration


Second Passport has a franchise offer with no analogues on the market. This allows us to grow at a steady pace year-by-year

Our franchise has:

  • Affordable entry fee
  • Return on investment starting at as little as 4 months
  • No royalties, regardless of franchisee turnover
  • Franchisee support at all stages

More than 100 franchises of the company were sold from the year of 2018 to 2020

The financial performance of Second Passport
provides reliability for our partners and a return on investment for our shareholders

The return on investment for our shareholders is at least 12% per annum in US dollars

Partners network and referral program

Specially developed software provides complete transparency of our work with lawyers, brokers, visa centers and referrals

Second Passport on social media

Второй Паспорт

More than 10,000 subscribers on the Second Passport channel

Работа и вакансии за границей

Over 5,000 subscribers on the channel dedicated to jobs and vacancies abroad

Второй Паспорт

39,000 followers on official Instagram page

Второй Паспорт

Over 20,000 subscribers on the main telegram channel

Работа за границей

Over 15,000 subscribers on the telegram channel dedicated to job-offers abroad

Второй Паспорт

Over 10,000 newsletter subscribers


More than 300 customers left trustworthy video reviews on our services

Anwar, political asylum

Alexandra, student visa

Arthur, work visa

Mona, social adaptation

And more than 1000 clients shared their impressions of our work in a written format

Shuhrat Work visa L1
I am from Tashkent. I applied for professional assistance on immigration issues in order to obtain an L1 visa (USA). My friend lives in Miami, he advised me to consult with the Second Passport company. In general, I contacted them, they sent me to the lawyer with whom they work. He turned in for a reason: in addition to the L1 visa, the staff of this company helped me to find an office in Manhattan. Employees of the company are responsible and knowledgeable people. At least, now I know who to turn to for help to get a Green Card.

David Immigration to Canada
I became a client of the company Second Passport more than a year ago. I have wanted to move to Canada for a long time. From the specialists of the Second Passport I received full information about possible options for immigration. I filled out the questionnaire and counted the points. As a result, I immigrated under the program of higher education. Now I live in Vancouver. Very grateful to the company staff!

Certificates and Licenses

United States Patent and Trademark Office Certificate of Registration of our trademark
Licenses for the provision of services in the field of immigration consulting and employment

We are members of the Investment Migration Council, a global association of immigration agencies that brings together citizenship-for-investment consulting and legal market leaders, investors and immigration office representatives

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